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Electric Guitars

Currently, there are two models. The MLTL and the DCS.

All guitars are hand-made, hollow body aluminum. Stock necks are maple with rosewood fretboard, but, as they are made custom to order like the resonator guitars, I encourage using some of the more exotic hardwoods pictured on my site. I dye the maple with black india ink to give the neck a mild weathered look.

Close up of the DCS

The DCS and MLTL

Close up of the MLTL

I use Seymour Duncan pickups on all electric guitars. The MLTL usually comes with traditional single coil pickups, but hot rails can be substituted. I can also reconfigure the body for traditional humbucker pickups. The DCS comes with ’59 humbuckers, using nickel or gold foil radiator covers. They can be coil split for an extra $100. Both models can be ordered with any body finish at the same price. There is no upcharge for the burst finish but it is only available on the DCS. Finishes are-satin-sparkle-mirror polish or distressed paint in any custom color combination. List price on both models is $2,500. Both models can be ordered left-handed with the leftie discount. Message for direct sales pricing.


The MLTL sparkle

The DCS burst

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