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The Resonator Guitars

Currently, there are three models. The rezentine, The Hi Rez and the Supro

Please visit the IMS page to learn more about what I feel is the best, most versatile and most convenient mic/pickup combination for amplifying a resonator guitar that I know of.
Close up of Silver Sparkle Supro left handed

The Supro Sparkle up close, left-handed. Pickups in both neck and bridge.

The Hi Rez with distressed paint

The Hi Rez with distressed paint. Active piezo pickup on the bridge.

The Rezentine with satin finish

The Rezentine satin finish. Phat Cat pickup on the neck.

Most guitars are made using biscuit bridge configurations, but willing to build a spider bridge on request. All body styles and finishes are priced the same. the biggest cost difference lies in the electronics. List price is $2,600 for the guitar with no electronics. $2,400 for the inclusion of one pickup or mic (details below). $2,600 for the inclusion of both a neck pickup and bridge pickup, or one pickup and one mic (IMC). $2,500 for both pickups and mic (IMs+). Left-handed models get the “leftie” discount.

Within this framework, almost all of the details can be customized to your order. Those details include the finish, pickup/IMS configuration, the cone, material of biscuit or spider saddle (wood or aluminum), fretboard wood and width of neck at the nut (up to 2 inches with the expectation of modest +/- tolerance). There may be modest price changes between most of the choices that aren’t mentioned below. The differences are based on material costs. A few things I don’t do are custom body shapes, custom scale lengths and compound fretboards. With that said, there are guitars available at all times. All are listed in the shop. Detailed descriptions of each guitar are provided. I am also happy to provide suggestions on orders if you find all of the choices too daunting.

Since all guitars, with the exception of those listed in the shop are custom built to order, I require a $300 deposit. For an additional $150 (non-refundable), I will mail you the neck before attaching to the body for fitting. First revision is included. Additional costs for further revisions.

The gallery below is a mix of custom and previous stock models

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