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The Resonator Guitars

Currently, there are three models. The rezentine, The Hi Rez and the Supro

All bodies are hand-made with marine grade aluminum. Necks are maple with rosewood fretboard. Necks and fretboards are dyed with black india ink and given a mild weathered appearance. All body shapes are close to a style O tenor. The Supro has a soft cutaway, reaching the 14th fret with ease. The Rezentine, has a traditional florentine cutaway giving accessibility all the way to the 18th fret.

The Supro Sparkle up close, left-handed. Pickups in both neck and bridge.

The Hi Rez with distressed paint. Active piezo pickup on the bridge.

The Rezentine satin finish. Phat Cat pickup on the neck.

Most guitars are made using biscuit bridge configurations. All body styles and finishes are priced the same. the difference in price is based on electronics. List price is $2,200 for all acoustic. $2,300 for the inclusion of one pickup (details below). $2,400 for the inclusion of both a neck pickup and bridge pickup. Left-handed models get the “leftie” discount. Please message for direct sales pricing.

All guitars, with the exception of those listed in the shop (often on sale) are custom built to order and require a $300 deposit. I use Seymour Duncan for all magnetic pickups at the neck- either a ’59 Humbucker or Phat Cat. The piezo pickup in the bridge is made by Schatten Design with an internally mounted preamp. Body finishes are satin- sparkle- polished or distressed paint with any requested color combination.

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