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I really enjoy making cigar box guitars. As a career-long visual artist and former punk rocker in my youth, I really like the whole down and dirty, DIY culture of it all. I often treat the box as if it were a canvas to a painter. So, there is usually a theme to each guitar.

I also like to work with customers to find ways of including their own personal touches, like bottle cap control knobs of their favorite beers, other personal mementos or emblems, and even the actual box from cigars they smoked. thus, most guitars (with some exceptions) tend to be one of a kind. They can be made with three of four strings, using magnetic or piezo pickups.

Commissioned by a customer in Covington, LA, not too far from the Abita Brewery in Abita Springs. He supplied me with a box from his own supply of cigars he smokes. He also supplied me with the Mercedes Benz logo, as he is a collector and works for the company. The coating of the box just happens to be similar to the coating on many production electric guitars. Four string magnetic pickup. Hand carved maple neck.

Benz main
Benz close
While I do admire the approach of building this style of guitar using everyday objects, like bolts for the nut and saddle, or wood screws for the fret markers, I tend to cut my own saddles and nuts, use real frets with a more precise scale length and hand carve the necks out of maple, mainly to improve playability. So, prices usually range from $400 to $500. Yet, I am happy to use more inexpensive techniques and materials, like poplar necks or previously mentioned materials that will lower the price points.
If you decide you are interested in commissioning a cigar box guitar, please send me a message and we can talk more details.

Below are some of the more recent guitars I have made, and some of them are still in stock. You will find them in the shop.

Dog Reliquary. This one is actually mine. It originally contained the ashes of my last dog. After construction, I placed vials with the ashes of all my previous dogs together, with the empty one reserved for my present copilot. I would be honored to make one for your pet/pets.

Dogs close


Norrin mountain dog


Wiggy with Dita




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